too busy for God

Life these past few weeks has been busy.



The house has been like Grand Central.  College kids packing, leaving, and me cleaning up in their wake.  Company coming, having a blast, then they too had to go.  Taking on a whirlwind day at the shore the day before school started.  And, school starting.

It's enough to wear any sane person out for a little while.

In contrast, with all of that activity over, this weekend is a chunk of silence.  And surprisingly, I wasn't too happy about that.  I love the busy-ness.  I love the revolving door.  I love the action and activity.

But I've noticed something about myself when life gets like that.

I've noticed that God can easily get put on the back burner.

And that's not where He should be.  He should be front and center, all the time, every day.

Quietness will bring me back to that.  Back to Him.  Back to the way things should be.  And maybe next time when I get so busy, I'll also get a little balance.

How do you balance your busy-ness and your God?

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