The Couch Rebels book is up for sale!

  And away we go!  Tuesday, August 14th, was the release date for the ebook, Couch Rebels.  It quickly rose to best-seller status on Amazon, and we are hoping that it continues to pick up momentum and go clear off the charts!  This will mean a lot of clean water for people in Africa- every book sold provides enough for 3 folks for a year.

  If you haven't grabbed your copy yet - a steal at only $9.99 for a great book and a great cause - go here to get one.  It's downloadable for Kindle.  Don't have a Kindle?  No worries; I don't either.  But as soon as you get to Amazon, you can download a Kindle reader free to your laptop or iPhone and let the reading begin.

   Thanks for all your support in this endeavor.  It's been exciting and fun to be involved in this project, and we couldn't make it happen without you.

how well do I wait?

Oh...I wish all questions were this simple.  This one I can answer easily -

Not very well.

And I have a suspicion that the feeling is mutual.

If you've been reading my more recent posts, though, I've been writing about living in the here and now, appreciating every moment, and starting to see the wealth of life I have around me.  I'm learning to see that the big things in life that I'm waiting for (granted, tapping my foot the entire time) are really the little things that are already happening daily in my life that I tend not to notice.

I'm pretty excited to be learning this stuff.

This is why I was happy today about the arrival of my pre-ordered book, The In-Between by Jeff Goins.  It speaks page by page about making the waiting times count; about how often it's not the mountaintop experience we remember the most, but the moments and memories we made getting there. 

If you've ever felt in-between, or perhaps find yourself there now, go pick up a copy of this book on Amazon.   It's a great read, and speaks straight to the heart of the matter.

And, if you have trouble waiting, it's available on your Kindle or as an audiobook for immediate download.....