about me

Welcome to my virtual home!  I'm glad you stopped by.  I love having visitors!

Let's take a moment to make it personal.  I'd like this page to symbolize me inviting you into my real house - the brick and mortar kind. Let's start there, shall we?

If you were at my front door, I would ask you to step in and I'd introduce you to my family - my husband, three children, Moo the cat princess and Lucy the golden retriever.  I'd give you the nickel tour of our home - it won't take long, because we live in a rancher - but it's a house built with love by my father; it's the house where I grew up.  I'm blessed to be a hometown girl at heart, as my roots here go way deep.  And I love that.

After I poured us a cup of tea - sorry, I don't drink coffee, but there will be chocolate - I'd go first and tell you some things about me.  I'd let you know that I live life in the moment.  Which for me means that I believe the best things in life are the things I already have around me; countless blessings that are right at my feet if I'll only choose to see them.  I would admit to you that for too long, I looked "out there" for things that I thought would bring satisfaction, worth, and maybe even a little fame and fortune.  Needless to say, that plan failed big time.  Instead, God showed me what I needed to learn the most -  that the grass is always greener right where I'm already standing.  Where I am is exactly where I'm supposed to be. 

Then I'd turn the conversation over to you, because we all have a story to tell.  Every one of us.   God weaves events into our lives at all ages and stages so that everyone has something valuable to share; a story that we can use to help others.  And I'd so want to hear yours!

So get comfy and stay as long or as little as you like. The floor is yours.  And my door is always open.

And remember - Enjoy your life today!


PS - If sharing your story of what God's been doing in your life sounds like a plan, feel free to email me at bcoulton (at) msn (.) com .  I enjoy hearing other people's stories, and would love to hear from you!