A Bit of Summer

Again, a picture perfect day. The sun was warm, the clouds were puffy, and the breeze was mild. A day to look around and count one's blessings, and for me it's even more precious to do so right now because of some unexpected recent bends and turns in this road called life. To breathe the fresh air deeply, bid goodbye to the rainy gray days that have recently huddled over our little spot in the world, and feel the strong summer light on my skin today was as good medicine indeed.
I've completely enjoyed this Saturday. And I've enjoyed heralding the approaching summer season. For us, part of this entails having fresh(er) fruit in the house. Strawberries are a favorite around here, as are candles in the evening to make our home seem even more homey-er. I'm known for having candles lit whenever I'm around and plan to stay around, so a friend of mine deemed the significance of this event a "The Queen is in Residence" flag for me. I like that. I'll claim it proudly.

Happy Memorial Day

Today was a wonderfully relaxing day. And, tonight's dinner was the first meal we ate together as a family since all the kids have been home and in one place! We did a small picnic dinner and later will do s'mores around our new fire pit out on the patio. The weather has cooperated and been gorgeous, which allowed for a lot of outside work, planting of flowers, and general puttering about. It was one of those days where if you planned it, it couldn't have worked out better.

As I worked outside, I heard such familiar sounds. The birds, the echoing wail of the steam train as it passes through the town and the surrounding woods, and sometimes just the silence. The delightful, wonderful silence. When I look around this most loved piece of land, everything is green and familiar, and the beauty of this place captures my very soul. There is just no other place I'd rather be than right here; home.

Tomorrow we return to schedules and routines- well, some of us anyway as Spencer and I return to school. Today was somewhat of a tease- summer and break are almost here, but not quite...still more to tend to out in the work/school world for a few more weeks. But a day like today at least gives us a taste of the freedom that lies just ahead. Summer break can still be exciting, even when you're the mom!

Today was a day that just got better and better as it went along. A leisurely morning, an afternoon of shopping, and a full house of (grown and still-growing) children by the time dinnertime rolled around. I couldn't ask for more.
The part of my heart that is a mother is overflowing with joy and gratitude tonight. For the first time in months, I have everyone under one roof (in one nest, let's say) which makes for a very happy mother hen. To see all three of them finally together again, all grown up and being the natural friends and comrades that they are makes my heart beat just a little faster. To watch my almost-15 year old stride alongside his 21 year old brother and notice the similarities in features and most amazingly, height, thrills me. I remember holding each one on my shoulder, watching them sleep, and rocking them through feverish nights. Back then, wiser and older moms told me, "Cherish this time; it goes so fast." When they're constantly at your apron strings, it can be hard to realize what you're supposed to be cherishing, but now that my three are grown I find myself giving the same advice to young moms I know- "Enjoy every moment. They grow up so quickly."
My teen and adult children constantly gain my gaze when they're together. To see what's come from the babies I so ferociously loved is an awesome sight. It fills my heart with pride, and delivers a contentedness I can get from nowhere else. I'm having a wonderful day.

I never thought that the gifts that I would unwrap yesterday would be what they were. After writing here yesterday morning, my day went on to take a twist that I hadn't seen coming. It was a difficult day at best, but yet now that it is past, we move on to a new 24 hours full and fresh with forgiveness, healing and promise. I find myself filled with anticipation with what God is going to do, and what lays ahead.

May many doors open for you and me today as we unwrap this day that is a gift- never knowing what is ahead, but looking forward with eager anticipation as to what the next 24 hours will bring......

The view from my front door

Been a While...

A quick late night post to say...I'm going to post again soon! School is winding down quickly to the end, and I see my life opening up a bit after that. Can't believe I've been away from here so long.

I've been inspired by other's photography on their sites, so I plan to start including a bit of mine on this blog. And instead of waiting to write here about children's books and themes of that nature, I decided I should take all the little every day stories I always think about and record them on my blog (writing begets more writing, so I'm told). So hopefully there will be more entertainment here soon......