Today was a day that just got better and better as it went along. A leisurely morning, an afternoon of shopping, and a full house of (grown and still-growing) children by the time dinnertime rolled around. I couldn't ask for more.
The part of my heart that is a mother is overflowing with joy and gratitude tonight. For the first time in months, I have everyone under one roof (in one nest, let's say) which makes for a very happy mother hen. To see all three of them finally together again, all grown up and being the natural friends and comrades that they are makes my heart beat just a little faster. To watch my almost-15 year old stride alongside his 21 year old brother and notice the similarities in features and most amazingly, height, thrills me. I remember holding each one on my shoulder, watching them sleep, and rocking them through feverish nights. Back then, wiser and older moms told me, "Cherish this time; it goes so fast." When they're constantly at your apron strings, it can be hard to realize what you're supposed to be cherishing, but now that my three are grown I find myself giving the same advice to young moms I know- "Enjoy every moment. They grow up so quickly."
My teen and adult children constantly gain my gaze when they're together. To see what's come from the babies I so ferociously loved is an awesome sight. It fills my heart with pride, and delivers a contentedness I can get from nowhere else. I'm having a wonderful day.

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