A Bit of Summer

Again, a picture perfect day. The sun was warm, the clouds were puffy, and the breeze was mild. A day to look around and count one's blessings, and for me it's even more precious to do so right now because of some unexpected recent bends and turns in this road called life. To breathe the fresh air deeply, bid goodbye to the rainy gray days that have recently huddled over our little spot in the world, and feel the strong summer light on my skin today was as good medicine indeed.
I've completely enjoyed this Saturday. And I've enjoyed heralding the approaching summer season. For us, part of this entails having fresh(er) fruit in the house. Strawberries are a favorite around here, as are candles in the evening to make our home seem even more homey-er. I'm known for having candles lit whenever I'm around and plan to stay around, so a friend of mine deemed the significance of this event a "The Queen is in Residence" flag for me. I like that. I'll claim it proudly.

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