Great place to be on a rainy day!

This is one section of the elementary school library where I work on school mornings. It is a bright, cheery, happy place to be. Today was yet another raining-cats-and-dogs kind of of many we've had this spring. What better place to be when it rains than in a lively colored space filled with books? Can't help but smile when you're here...

Our Grant from the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation

This past week, Lauren and I were doing a papermaking project with the second grade classes in order to fulfill a grant we had been given in our district from the Keats Foundation. We had a lot of fun working together and with the kids. I set up various stations for the process- the first step was dunking their grids, screens and frames into the pulp mixture.

Next they were sent over to the "press as hard as you can with a sponge to get all the water out" station.
After that, they needed to put the still very wet piece of hand created paper in between two pressing cloths and this time take a small wooden block to get out yet more H2O.

Last table- decoration! We already had some glitter in the pulp mixture, so they applied tissue at this point to add some more color.

Finished projects were laid on the table to dry, and then the cleanup process could begin. What a fun activity!

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