National Day of Encouragement

Do you know that today is the National Day of Encouragement?  And to celebrate, the wonderful gals at  (in)courage recently gave away free packs of the new Dayspring Hope and Encouragement line of greeting cards to those of us who requested them and promised in turn to use one to specifically encourage someone in our lives and then blog about it.  So here I am.

I sent out one of the Hope and Encouragement cards to a very dear friend who works in our Life Development office at Davisville Church where I am on staff.  She has recently been through a difficult health diagnosis, and with two small boys at home (and one wonderful husband), she has been facing some rough waters.  I sent the card with a lot of hope and prayer that the days ahead will be full of God's strength, peace and understanding as she charts her way along this new chapter in her life.  I am planning to use others of the pack just for her, as she is someone who stands out in my life right now as needing some daily doses of encouragement.

It's good to invest in others; taking the time to call, send a card, write an email.    Because I never know when the day will come when I might be on the other end of the encouragement need-line - the receiving end.

Thanks, (in)courage and Dayspring for helping me to be a better encourager!

Who can you encourage today, and how will you do that?

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