Take a minute...

...to give thanks this Thursday.  If you are new to my blog, this Thursday thing is a small tradition I started here to remind me and you to pause, take a moment, and count the good stuff going on.  After all, there's always going to be the bad, the undesirable, the un-asked for things in our lives. But in amongst that are pockets of joy, contentment, and peace if we look for them.

The main question we have to ask ourselves is this - Which set of circumstances are we going to focus on?

Your entire day depends on it.

I'll start us off...

  I'm thankful for cooler weather! (really, I am)

  For all the kids I get to work with every day who make me laugh and smile.

  For having a God big enough to handle what's coming my way today, if I'll only I'll get out of the way and let Him.

Leave your thankful comment below. Let's encourage each other with what's going right in our lives!


  1. Despite how I portray myself these days, I'm really not the complete and utter dark cloud I often let people think I am. I guess parts of it are true - I certainly have my moments - and parts of it are an act. Sometimes it's just easier than dealing with the bad things in my life. It provides comic relief.

    So, needless to say, I am thankful for many things that I don't share enough. First of all, I'm thankful for TIME. Even though it wasn't part of my plan, if I were still working full-time in a classroom, I'd never have the time to tackle a different passion: writing. I am thankful for great family and friends who support me in this endeavor, even though I suspect many of them are skeptical at heart. I'm thankful for the people who spend hours upon hours reading over my manuscript, fixing my errors and offering suggestions. They get nothing in return, so it is truly incredible they have been so diligent in helping me. I'm thankful for fall, because I love the season. And for days of not getting up early, being able to hit the gym consistently without lesson plans and grading in the way, and for not having to make a weekly trip to the cleaners.

    >Most importantly, I'm just thankful for life. I recently learned a kid I went to high school with passed unexpectedly. He was the first from my graduating class. We were not close by any means, but the news still shook me up badly and changed my perspective. It kind of felt silly moping around over the job market after reading that article. I'm glad I am here and have an opportunity to carry out my dream.

  2. Paul- what a great comment- and you speak like a true writer! The hours, support, commitment from others....all integral parts to this great journey. May you get that publishing contract you're after!

    And the part about being thankful for life- once you realize that, you've got it made.


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