fountain of youth

I try to keep up with looking good at my age.  I really do.

But I don't go overboard on products, realizing there really is no miracle lotion that will tighten, smooth, de-wrinkle and clarify all at the same time.  And that's about what I'd need any beauty cream to do to make it worth my money.

This is not to say that the occasional product doesn't catch my eye, though.  I always figure maybe my newest discovery via television commercial is finally the stuff that's gonna be transforming.  Like throwing out a life preserver, I hope that I'll catch the fountain of youth after all and won't have to continually Cover Girl those imperfections I see.

So I bought the latest and greatest.  And as I opened the bag to pull out what I beheld as the serum of unblemished life,  I called down the hallway to my perfectly and tightly skinned 20 year old daughter, " Look what I got today!  It's called Dramatic Firming Cream."

She called back, "Let's hope it works," as she shut the bathroom door.

Hey. I heard that.  

And now, this is war.

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