tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow....

Today I decided to make that commitment to write something, anything, every day.  The best practice for writing is to...write. 

Just hours later I received an invite to participate in a daily writing challenge starting tomorrow that will help develop great writing habits, push our pencils further than they've gone before, and get our creative juices flowing (even if it kills us). 

 It is the brainchild of Jeff Goins (who is, himself, a great writer).

If you write, ever thought of writing, or would just like to dip your pen in some ink and try out the craft, I invite you to join me as I partner with over 300 others who will rise to the challenge of weekday assignments meant to hone our skills and make us better than we were before.

And yes, that is possible.


  1. It would be hard to write every day... but I suppose I could try.

    1. I feel the same way...but I'm going to do it anyway! Let's give it a try!


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