Today's challenge?


Sorry, but it just doesn't have my passion.

And that's okay.

In his post, Jeff talks about branding, which includes having a platform and identifying what makes you you as a writer so that you're easily recognizable by style, message, voice, and even photo (make sure it's consistent on all sites - very good point).

This is a valid challenge and an integral and necessary part to the writer's life, especially with so many opportunities for an online presence these days.

I'm just not sure where I am in the process, so maybe that's what's causing my malaise about the subject.

Regardless, I'll share with you what little branding I've done thus far....

I changed my domain name in the past year to be my own name-  It makes it incredibly uncomplicated to point someone to your blog or website when they can find you by name.  The previous (free) name I had was long, wordy and not simple to remember.  If you're wondering about a domain name, for a simple $10/year with Blogger, you can have your own name in between the www and the dot com.  Go for it- you won't regret it.

My blog used to be called "A Writer's Journey", which I still like.  But I didn't always write about writing (just watch- that's all I'll write about now and wish I kept that blog title).  I changed to a broader-topic name because I had family stories on my blog, devotional anecdotes, humorous happenings, etc.  Chocolate For the Heart came from the fact that I love chocolate, and it always makes me feel good when I eat it (and let's not think beyond that for this moment).  God and His blessings and everyday miracles produce that same good feeling for my soul, thereby giving Him yet another name I call Him by - He's Chocolate For My Heart. ( I'm pretty sure if you look, you'll find that somewhere in between Lord of Lords and Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace.)

As far as voice goes, I try to write like I talk, and I try to keep it real.  I have not found a particular niche except to write what I know, write what's happening around me and relate it to a spiritual truth, and be faithful to what God puts on my heart to put out on my blog.

So that's as far as I've come in the branding of Beth Coulton.

Gee, for not having much to say, I sure had a lot to say.  Some of you will not be surprised by this fact.

Your turn.  Tell me about how you did with today's challenge?


  1. I wrote the challenge out but haven't posted it yet, will do that soon.
    It is funny because when my blog first started not knowing anything about blogging the Lord showed me the name of the blog, then He showed me the picture, then I was directed to someone who could make a 'blog button' for me, then just recently my husband told me to make business cards for my blog. The picture on the card is the same three crosses just a bit different. All match and show someone 'who I am'... didn't even know I was doing it all right.
    This challenge has been good.

  2. Love your honest, simple style and voice. Being you is branding enough. A daughter of the King has all the branding she needs.

    1. Thank you so much David. I appreciate those words! Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting.


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