I'll keep this brief, maybe.....

Oh, today's challenge post was so timely- Jeff told us it was time to declutter.

Has he met my 21 year old daughter who just came back to live with us between college semesters?

Actually, she didn't bring clutter, but her tsunami of college girl paraphenalia sent everyone shifting like sand and now my office (which consists solely of a long, lovely, black Ikea desk) sits in my bedroom in front of the window.

Not an ideal spot but at least it's a spot.

I have two wire baskets on either end of the desk that are full to the brim, and one pile of equally important documents sitting right next to one of the baskets.  My clutter is very neatly stacked and organized.

But I can't possibly need all this paperwork.

You see, twelve years ago we traded a two-story, development home for a smaller built-by-my-dad-for-his-family ranch home in the quiet country. 

It was a great decision, but sometimes things get a little tight.  Like when the kids grow.

So today and this week I will work towards diminishing those piles because in actuality, they're bugging me a bit.

Jeff also spoke of decluttering our writing, which is a harder task for me to do. Our church secretary used to shudder when I sent her a blurb for the worship guide, because she knew I said in six lines what she needed me to say in two. Or, quite possibly one, thank you very much.

Jeff's writing appealed to me because of his clean, short path to the point.  I thought, wow, this guy really has something to say.  And I could figure out what it was because....he just said it.

After the piles will come less words.

Time to declutter.


  1. yep I am working on my house starting with the master bedroom but also need to do the den which is where the computer is and all my 'scratchy notes' and piles. I liked what he said and it will be a challenge. Encouragement is always welcome.

    1. Feel encouraged! You can do this! And the feeling you get when you look around and see clear spaces is worth it. That alone can help clear your mind as well.

  2. What you said about Jeff's writing was right on the money.
    And I like your word for 2012. You can write and edit fearlessly!

    1. Thanks, Felecia! Fearless is the only way to go....while holding onto God's hand all the way.

  3. YES! I could have written your words...but it probably would have been 400 more words! Words...I LOVE them :0)...and apparently I like :0) way too much for a middle aged woman. I figured posting them in a response is ok since it is not an actual "post". :0)

    1. Donna- words are great, and what's better, they're free. :0) I never made that smiley face before. Thanks for teaching me something new!


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