when your heart aches

These are my 20-year-old daughter's hands, holding my favorite food.  I love how placing them together side-by-side that way, they roughly form a heart.  I believe that's no accident; that's by design.

This is a tough weekend for me.  My heart is aching. College campuses are calling my two oldest children back and my youngest, at 16, is accompanying his older brother on the ride to Illinois for his last semester before he graduates.  All my children are leaving the summer nest at once, with only one returning via airplane on Wednesday.  And when I told him last night not too miss me too much and that I'd see him soon when I picked him up , his response was, "Yeah, okay.  And what day is that?"   Wednesday, my dear.  You need to get on a plane on Wednesday.  Of this week.  Good luck with that.

And if this isn't bad enough, tomorrow my daughter is moving with two friends into an apartment for her junior year - a real one.  An off campus, rent-paying, can-live-there-year-round-if-she-wants-to apartment.  Ugh.  That means I don't necessarily get her at home for a month at Christmas, she now will have the availability to have us over for Easter dinner, and next summer has no guarantee of her lengthy return.

I have a feeling the landscape of our home is on the verge of permanent change.

But there have to be some upsides.

1.  No more tuition bills after January for my firstborn.  That works.
2.  If she's getting an apartment, then I'm getting her room.
3.  Two more high school years until we pack up Mr. Your Flight is Wednesday and ship him off to his own college campus in one of these great 50 states of ours and my hubby and I have the entire house to ourselves.

Well, when I put it that way, my heart is starting to feel somewhat better.....  ;)


  1. Aweee! That made me tear up! My son is only 2.5 but I know he'll be packing for college soon enough and it will be a hard day for this Mama! Hope you ease back into things well!

  2. Aww, I can relate- on a different scale however. My youngest started Kindergarten today and my oldest is off to third grade. I'm feeling a strange mix of sadness and excitement at the possibility of writing without interruptions!


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