think before you write

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday.

Just as words spoken can't be taken back, neither can emails written that you regret as soon as you send them.

You see, someone pointed out something to me on an email that I should have taken in the light manner in which it was intended, but I felt wronged; oh woe is me.  My mind rallied against what I had just read and thought, "Where is the thanks?  Where is the praise?  Where is the applause for all I have done?"

So I went with my gut and shot back a curt, sarcastic retort.

And the minute I walked my self-righteous body away from the computer, I knew I had blown it.

Moments later, I was reading Proverbs 26, my Proverb-for-the-day (one for each day of August).  "Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself."  That was me.  (and the email sender was no fool, but you get my point).  Instead of being the "bigger person", like I'm always telling my kids and everyone else around me to be, I resorted to being the wee, small, hurt individual who cowered in pain and had no better answer than to cut someone else down.


I'm praying to not let that happen again.

When have you had to be "the bigger person"?  How did you handle it? or, not?

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  1. Hi Beth,

    I too have learned this lesson. I once sent a scathing e-mail to someone I thought had wronged me. She was deeply hurt. I was deeply mortified after I did it. E-mail can be dangerous that way, it's easy to hit that send button in the rush of our emotions. I agree, we should think before we write.


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