A new year, mentally, provides such a clean slate.  There's certainly nothing wrong with that; it's contagious, healthy and human nature.  I believe we need this once every 365 days.

Interestingly enough, I don't feel this way every time a new month rolls around. I rarely get this determined and organized on March's Eve or August 31st.  Kind of wish I did....

I enjoy choosing one word that will be the focus idea of the days ahead.  Recently, when I was walking the dog and my stomach was in knots over many complex situations we have going on and I was wondering how I was going to handle everything, neon lights went on in my head that simply spelled out, "Trust God." 

I was surprised that immediately the thought relaxed me.  My stomach literally loosened and my fear took a downturn, right then and there while the dog was still walking.

Is it really that simple? I thought.  Just trusting God with all the giants in my life that compete for my attention and drain my mind and soul?

I couldn't answer that question with whole hearted definitiveness at that moment, but the way my body physically reacted to the thought of placing everything in His hands was something I couldn't deny.  Mentally I just needed to catch up.

That became my word for 2014.  Trust.  (Note - The antonym for that word being Control, of which I have none but like to think I do.)

Trusting is so much harder, because it means I need to put more in God's hands and work out less on my own.  It means I will have to wait more.  It means I'll need to be patient.  It means things probably will not won't go as I have planned.

It means I can relax.  He's got whatever it is that comes my way.  Trusting God is about my faith growing, because as I see Him work, I only long to trust Him more.

Looking forward to a 2014 filled with trust in a heavenly Father who always has my back, and is always there for me.


  1. Hi Beth,
    My name is Sheri Morrow and I live in Port Moody BC Canada. My word this year is also TRUST and I have similar hopes to draw closer to God in trusting and waiting upon Him.

    1. Hi Sheri- thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting! Very cool that you chose the same word as I did....Trust- such a simple word to say, yet much harder to do. I'll breathe a prayer for you, too, when I'm called to repeat that word over and over again!

  2. Hi Beth! My word is "trust" too :) ... if you want to read my post it's at:

    I'm thinking the third Tuesday of every month hosting a "Trusting Tuesday" link up where people can link up what they are learning or where they are in their journey of trust. If you'd be interested, let me know at

    I enjoyed your post! :) Amy

    1. Amy- I am definitely interested in joining in the Trusting Tuesday fun! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and for leaving a comment. I am glad you enjoyed the post! Looking forward to trusting a great, big God this year with you and others!


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