Why Do We Stop Short of our Dream?

Incredible, incredible article about dreams, doubts and fears. I can identify with every step of it- and I'm sure I'll refer back to it often to see what point of wall building or tearing down I'm in..... Give it a read- you'll love it!



  1. Interesting. It made me think and resonated in some ways that are particularly timely right now. But in other ways, I think that he does what so many proponents of one theory or another that promote--if we believe it it can and will happen--is not be strong enough in recognizing that sometimes, it is all right and, perhaps, RIGHT to leg to of the dream and take care of where a person is in the moment, in crisis or crises. Yet, there is a lot to what he says, and it will be interesting to see how others feel.

    Regardless, as always, Beth, thanks for making me think! I do enjoy your blog so much.

  2. Jeannette-I agree completely. And the journey that I am on - to get published- is something that I cannot control the outcome of. He states, "Always remember that the wall that stands between you and your objective only exists in your own mind." Well, yes and no. The only wall that stands between me and my objective (goal) exists in the editorial assistants going through slush piles and my hope they they will like what I've written. I cannot "make" that happen- and that is because my ultimate dream/goal is dependent upon an outside party playing a significant role- they have the power to make my dream come true.

  3. And Jeannette- thank you so much for your kind words!


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