The Book Fair is here!

This is a most exciting time in our library, and this morning the head librarian and I are like two giddy children on Christmas Eve. just a short while ago, a Scholastic truck with a huge picture of Clifford on the side pulled up to our school and unloaded treasures of picture books, chapter books, easy readers, and a plethera of other things published for our Book Fair that begins on Friday morning. Currently, the soon-to-be-drooled-over merchandise is sitting enticingly in front of me, hidden away in sealed boxes and tightly closed display shelving. But....set up time is fast approaching when we can open up the containers and ooh and aah over the contents. As we unpack and arrange attractive displays, the kid in me will be mentally making a list of new books I just can't live without. Let the fun begin!
Have I mentioned before that a children's library is a great place for a picture book lover like me to work?

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  1. I love book fairs! And I am seriously considering trying to work in a library next year when my youngest goes to Kindergarten. Lucky you!



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