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This weekend definitely found me feeling under the weather. After a 14 hour sleep Friday night into Saturday, I still wasn't going full tilt. Rather, I just wanted to curl up under a blanket, sit quietly and read to regain my strength. So that is exactly what I did during the day on Saturday, and the book I chose is now one of my best reads when it comes to books about the art of writing; On Writing by Stephen King. If you don't mind a bit of rough language, it's one of the best.
Let me preface this to say that I have never read one of Mr. King's novels. They always seemed too "on the dark side" for my liking. I've seen Carrie and some of The Shining, and they don't fit into my form of entertainment. But this book gave me a window into the author's life story and how he approaches a life of writing and makes it work. It's practical, it's applicable, and it's a great read. Humorous, as well. It definitely gave me a different perspective on who I thought Stephen King was. Not so dark, after all.
I finished the book while still under my blanket Saturday night and immediately went online to Amazon to order my own copy (as the one I had been reading I had borrowed from the library - can't make any good notes or marks in the margins in that.) So, if you're looking for something good to read about writing, I highly recommend it.

I loved one of his quotes that read, "The scariest moment is just before you start". He is referring to writing, of putting pen to paper and seeing if anything comes out that tells a story. But I think it can apply to other areas in our lives as well - any time we face a challenge.

What are you waiting to start? (and why are you waiting??!!)

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  1. Hi Beth,

    I have his book too for when I was writing novels, it is brilliant. I may even read it again. Do you think it helps with PBs?

    Hope you are feeling better

    Catherine :)


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