Fall Walk

I was envisioning I'd have a totally free day- a simple, quiet Saturday of writing and reading and blogging.....kind of like my dream day......but it didn't quite work out (which, actually, is fine with me). Instead it was chopped up by errands, running back and forth to the grocery store twice, and delivering a teenager here and there. But in between - in the free hours I did have this afternoon - my camera and I took a walk down the road to see what colors I could take in before they were all completely blown off for another year. I was amazed at the variety ....

....and the complete bareness of some already.

Yet some are still waiting to be harvested - their time has almost come.

One walk, one season; so many stages of life. Interesting.

What stage do you find yourself in now?

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  1. Beautiful... sorting out my mess is my stage,but perhaps blasting into a surprisingly colorful late autumn. Don't know yet. Too much going on.

    But thank you for sharing that walk. The pictures touch something deep inside. But, then, I'm a New Englander and Autumn has meaning--Fall does as well, and sometimes it's how we frame this season, even in our wording.


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