The Sweet Taste of Rejection

Well, it's official, and it sure didn't take long- I got my first manuscript rejection letter in the mail yesterday . I thought the speed in which it came was almost comical - along the lines of, "Look, lady, you don't have a chance with us so let's just get this overwith right now." Their comment to me? "Your story doesn't fit in line with the books we publish." Fair enough; I can handle that. As my husband pointed out, at least they had the courtesy to respond (ever so quickly), which is the proper perspective.

And I feel as I thought I'd feel. Non-bothered. Still determined. Not dissuaded in the least. A published author friend of mine once told me, "Celebrate each rejection letter, because it's one step closer to getting an acceptance letter!"

So today, I celebrate. And anxiously await checking the mail.....


  1. Hmm, I'd love to know who was that fast! Some manuscripts languish in the slush for a year or more!

  2. I have heard that quote many times and I am truly envious. I have heard not a sausage. At least now you know your approach was professional and your ms was read, well done :)


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