Our Dad

Written by my sister, Adele.
Our Dad

He never missed Huntley and Brinkley on the news. I can still see him perching on the end of the easy chair by the fireplace; eyes on the TV for the latest updates.

He truly loved his mother and father.

He ate anything that mother put in front of him.

He loved meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

He carried little money and wanted for little.

He built our home, a project that spanned a number of years. His Dad worked alongside.

He was an expert at telling jokes and at remembering them.

He always read all of the jokes in the Reader’s Digest first.

He was never interested in buying the “latest thing.”

He never bought a new car. Practical.

He loved working outside. Mowing, trimming. Coming in for iced tea breaks.

He loved to work hard.

He built a lot of things. I am blessed with many of them. You had to be careful of what you might want him to build, because the minute you told him, the car was on the way to Tinsmans.

He made people laugh. Our son Tom often makes a remark that sounds just like what Dad would say.

He adored Mother.

Farmer’s Club was a favorite night out for Dad. All those desserts and casseroles, coming down the line to be served to you. All those friends to talk to.

He was never late for anything.

He loved boat rides on Mirror Lake. Dad always new just when to slow the engine to get around the big rock underneath the surface right before going under the bridge.

He pushed us to do the best we could at school. A “C” required an explanation.

He helped me through advanced math class in high school. I’d cry out of sheer frustration and we’d keep at it until I eventually “got” it! I never would have passed the course if not for him.

He loved visits on the porch with Mark and Ed on summer evenings, talking until darkness fell, candles were lit, and the dessert came out.

He cried when Jim left for Vietnam. He and mother were so concerned about his safety, and very proud of his accomplishments as a pilot. We all were.

Dad, Happy 91st birthday. We miss you and love you. October 20th will always be a special day, because that was the day God brought you into the world!


  1. A Messqage from Dad that I received on 5/18/1997:

    Tomorrow Mother Michener goes to the hospital for her first of a series of treatments for her foot condition.

    She has not forgotten her ability for good food. Tonight we had:
    meat loaf
    mashed potatoes
    mixed vegetables
    tomato juice
    bread slices from that long loaf
    and after I do the pots and pans ICE CREAM

    yOUR DAD or did you think it was someone else

    They all look like that - short and to the point!
    Miss him also - Rick

  2. I love the "or did you think it was someone else" - so HIM. Thanks for putting that up!

  3. Thank you for this peek into your family. From three of you, I guess. Beautiful.


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