It's raining, and I can hear it.

Because the house is quiet.

Because the house is empty, save me (and the dog).

Because.....the one we've raised for 18 years lives away now, a two-day-old freshman at a nearby university.

Finding his way.

Without us.

Because.... our daughter has this very day stepped into the classroom to begin her fall semester of student teaching.  This girl who has wanted nothing else but to be a teacher for as long as she can remember, and who was told more than once along the way she'd never make it.

But made it she did. 

And away she goes.

Because.....our oldest has found his new digs, and plans are in the making for his move from our home in a couple of weeks.  While we don't see him much, it's always nice to know he'll be home at dinnertime and we can catch up on the day.

But we won't be doing that anymore.

The rain is getting louder, and magnifies the silence within.

Children.  It hurts to give them birth, and later, selfishly, it hurts to give them wings and to see them fly.

We raise them to be independent, and get mom-miffed when they are.

Ultimately, they are God's children more than they are mine.  I give them to Him and His watchcare, as He can be with them everywhere and every time, and I cannot.

I must remember that they are safe in the shelter of His wings.

And that's the best place for them to be.


  1. This fall I sent my 2 oldest off to NEW YORK CITY! I am from NYC so one would think this would be an easy task...but nope! My mind runs a muck with CRAZY thoughts...crazy especially since I lived and worked in NYC until I was 33 years old...I was never mugged, accosted or taken advantage of by a cab driver---yet all these images of Criminal Minds episodes run through my head! NO ONE should ever watch that show...especially if you have KIDS!
    Just yesterday I heard the squeal of school bus breaks...3:25...just the time the son would be getting home. He was the only one we sent off to public school...he was gone most of the day when he was home. But like you said, there was time to catch up at night.
    It is GOOD for them to go off and be on their own. But also sad...they are our babies even at 6 feet tall! Hope your child is close enough so you all can get together from time to time!

    1. Thanks, Donna! Two of them are coming home from college this weekend yahoo- and the oldest moves to Philadelphia tomorrow- this mother's heart is just bouncing around all over the place with all this coming and going!

      (my daughter LOVES Criminal Minds and would never live in the city due to such a


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