awaiting the storm

There's something magical about waiting for an impending storm.  Well, maybe not Disney magical, but at least interesting.  If it's a snowstorm, it's the thrill of the bread-milk-and-eggs run to the store before the snow starts.  Today, it's more of bring-the-laundry-in-and close-your-car-windows kind of anticipation because it's going to be a thunderstorm or ten to break up the excessive heat we've been having for weeks.  Our thermometers are begging to see their mercury rise only to the low 80's.

So while I'm not running to the store for supplies (and my chocolate stash is in good shape; I checked after the weather report), there is something causing me to hunker down even in the middle of the afternoon; I find myself watching the skies, studying the clouds, and noticing the breeze picking up slightly as soon it will turn to a full scale howling wind.

This is enjoyable and exciting because the storm will be outside my home.

This would not be either of those things if the storm was predicted for inside my home.

That's a whole different kind of weather.

I don't ever get those kind of predictions.  If you've lived a little, you probably don't either.  Those storms come on fast.  They usually start with a lightning strike to the heart and then proceed quickly to gale force winds that take your breath away and rain that pummels at your very core.

They soak you in misery until you feel that you may never be whole and dry again.

They leave you dripping wet, soggy and messy, and you wonder what happened to the sunshine you had been sitting under.

Even though they are unwelcomed precipitation,  I've learned that God uses them.  As a matter of fact, He designs them.  Not for our bad, but for our good.  They bring about the change in the temperature that's needed, that couldn't be accomplished any other way.  They draw us up short and force us to look at our reflection in the puddle that remains long after the showers have passed. 

I am wise when I look fully into what I see.   When I pray and ask to see the me that  God sees.  When I long to align my will and desires with His, which are always ulimately better than my own.

It's worth the rain.  It's worth the thunder.  It's worth the storm.

May God use it for His glory.

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  1. I would welcome a storm... a hard rain and a bit of wind. We have been over 100 for a few days and over 90 for over a week and that is way too hot for my liking. I am not and will not ever be a 'hot weather' fan. Bring on the fall days.


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