post op days

"What happened to the dog?" some of you were asking, and rightly so.

I gave you a canine cliffhanger, and you need to know the rest of the story.

So here it is.

Save her, they did.  After a lengthy surgery and a two day stay at the doggie ER, Lucy came home on Thursday night ensconced in a large, opaque white cone and stitches. 

Both of which she hated. 

Since then, we've ditched the cone and watched her like a hawk to make sure she doesn't go for the stitches.  This includes me sleeping on the couch all night while she sleeps on the tile floor of our family room, the only place she seems to feel comfortable.  This scenario is akin to bringing your newborn home and fearing they will perish under your care unless you velcro them to your body and monitor their every moment.

The fact does not escape me that while I'm sleeping, she could silently and deftly unstitch her stomach quick as you please and we'd be driving back to the vet center in the middle of the night.  But a girl's gotta sleep, so it's a chance I've gotta take.    Cone wearing only results in her taking on a zoned out, statue-like stance complete with loud panting and drooling.  Impossible to sleep through.

That's where we are.  I put my normal daily routine on hold for a few days to concentrate my efforts here on a situation that had me completely out of my comfort zone.  All of a sudden the world revolved around the matter at hand, as any illness' presence commands in animal or human.

So here's to getting back to normal.  To getting back to writing, and to the day's familiar routine. 

See you soon.

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