westward bound

This Saturday I will be heading out to Arizona to spend 7 days on a Hopi Indian reservation.  I am part of the team that Davisville Church is sending out to cooperate with CHIEF missionaries in the area.  There are 6 men on the team who will be doing repairs to the Hopi church and some other community buildings.  My friend Jo and I will be responsible for providing meals for the men, documenting the trip through blogging and photography, and possibly leading a women's bible study there one night.  We will also be supporting the work and construction in any way possible - even if it's just hauling the trash!

It will be quite an adventure; for starters I know there are currently no available showers (until our guys put them in - we made sure that was their first project), we cannot drink or cook with the water as it is laced with arsenic, and our nearest large store will be over 3 hours away making it impractical to do any "runs" to such a store during our week there.  We will land in Phoenix, pass through Flagstaff, and in doing so pick up all supplies, food and items we will need for our next 7 days on the reservation.

Did I say challenge??

At home is my comfy bed.  Awaiting me there is an air mattress and sleeping bag.

At home is my familiar routine.  There, I will need to be flexible to do whatever I need to do whenever I need to do it. 

At home is a closet full of clothes and a fridge full of food - there I will hope and pray I packed the clothing and will most likely make daily trips to the small local food mart to get what we need for that day.


This is what "out of my comfort zone" looks like.

But this also excites and encourages me that I can do more than I think I can.

God goes before the whole team, and it should prove to be an amazing time.  If you like, you can follow us here -


We would ask for your prayers as we go forth in this God-sized task!!

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