On Saturday, I'm headed to Keam's Canyon, AZ for a week-long mission trip with the Hopi Indians.

So, among other things I'm doing to prepare, I'm....


It's always a stressful dilemma for me.

One of this and two of that.

A bunch of these and oh yes, some of those.

Did I get it all?  Will I have enough?

What if it's hot during the day? What if it's chilly at night?

Am I prepared?

Whoa.  Slow down. Wait a minute.

Am I prepared....that's a really good question.

The answer isn't in the luggage.

Or in my carry on.

Or in my laptop case.

It's in my heart.

Am I asking God to go before me on this trip and prepare the hearts of the people we will be ministering to and serving?

Am I praying for the team that I'm a part of?

Am I spending time in His word getting to know Him better in here before I go out there?

Good questions.  Tough answers.

For now I'm done packing my suitcase.

I need to work on packing my heart.

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