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I'm still continuing with thoughts and rambling journal entries from fall of '09...but eventually I will catch up and it'll be present day once again.
Life goes by- days go by- all too quickly.  I've realized what I need is not just one day, but two strung together with no need for sleep in order to feel like I really had time on my hands.

Life has its concerns.  My young adult childrens' issues.  Work being very busy.  Writing- I still daydream about it. I'm too tired to write much in the evening.  My motivation and desire come most easily now, in the morning, when I need to get out the door to school.  Sometimes I feel that just being at my job (working in the elementary school library) surrounded by all those beautiful picture books will somehow by osmosis make me one step closer to writing a successful children's story than if I didn't work there.

We're hosting the Scholastic Book Fair this week.  For me, it holds the pangs of "Man I wish I'd written that" when I see simple stories and simple concepts so beautifully told with gorgeous illustrations.  It lends itself to frustration (and wanting to give up) for me, but I must not go there.

I get to thinking- "If only I'd thought of it, I could have written those books." I smile to myself as I write this, because apparently that very statement is a common problem among writers.  "I could have written that!" or "My stuff is better than that published garbage!"  Fact is, those books are on the shelf, and mine aren't.

Better get crackin'.

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