And now back to our regularly scheduled summer...

Ah. Peace and quiet. A gentle, normal evening at home with just us old folks (my husband and me). The five-day five-night St. Louis guest has gone back to her midwest home. The sleepover birthday bash for my 16 year old saw the final pickup at 11 am this morning. The local carnival's appeal called all my children away from the house for the evening.  What a glorious noise, this silence.  I'm practically mantra-ing.

Hummmmm......Let the stillness settle in.  I sense a purpose, a place for everything and everyone in their place.  Or, at least, their very own bed for once.

My raptured solitude was interrupted by the buzz of my cell phone, set, of course, on silent.  I opened my eyes from my worshipful state to see that my daughter's text read,

"Is it okay if Megan and Caitlin come over tomorrow after work to swim? Oh, and I figured it would be easier if they just spent the night....."

I knew I could count on one of my three children to keep the ball rolling.  Releasing the dove of my relaxed spirit to the God of the never ending summer bed and breakfast, I hit reply and typed back to her.

"My thoughts exactly, dear.  My thoughts exactly."

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