Story in our lives

   I love the phrase- and the fact - that everyone has a story to tell.  I think Oprah is famous for supporting that theory, although since I've not been on her show, obviously mine isn't quite Oprah enough to tell...yet. And I'm not sure I ever want it to be.  But I do believe the base truth that everyone who has a life has a story.  Personal, individual, but also designed with others in mind.

With 48 years of living behind me, I can look back and see where parts of my life- my story - were placed there by God so I could, in turn,  help someone who came along behind me and experienced the same triumph, joy, pain or sorrow that I did.  I love it when I get the privilege of sharing the joys and triumphs with others, but often those in my life need to share the load of a heavy burden with someone who really understands.  And those who understand best have walked the path first.

God never wastes a hurt.  How many times have you wondered, "Why is this happening to me?"  Be encouraged.  What you're going through will be used to help others once you get a little further down the road.  

"God has a plan for your life" is really another way of saying God has a story for your life.  A wonderful, marvelous, amazing story that only you will be able to tell.  It'll have a beginning, a middle, and an end.  It will have some mysterious chapters, plenty of suspense, and perhaps a few underlying plots that never see any resolution at all.  But that's okay.  God knows exactly what He's writing, and He's using you to tell it.  Go and live your best life, and make it a wonderful story about Him.

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