Candy Days

I had my outfit all picked out last night.  The shirt went with the sweater which looked good with the pants.  They were new pants, too.  And that all chimed in great with the little plaid sneakers I just picked up the other day.  What an outfit. I was all set.

When I got ready this morning and reached in the closet for my prearranged outfit, I saw a different sweater that I thought I'd really rather wear today.  Hmm.  Okay, can do, but now I have to choose a separate contrasting shirt to wear under it, which nullifies any hope of my new combo matching the pants I had already chosen.  So I dove back in my closet in hopes of finding just the right pair of pants, and when I did, I swung them out of the closet with a large "Hurrah!" and hurried to make up for the time I'd lost in changing my entire clothing ensemble for the day.

Thinking I looked rather spring-y in my pink and white striped sweater and gray pants with accompanying white sneaks, I walked proudly down the hallway and took one more look at myself in the mirror before heading out the door.

I looked like a Good 'n Plenty.

Which caused me to think about my day.  My days can be like Good 'n Plenty's.  They are usually mutually exclusive terms when it comes to what's been going on in my life in the 24 hours assigned to me.  Either it's been good, or it's been plenty.

I don't usually hear myself on those "plenty" days saying, "Wow, what a day! Keep it coming, Lord!"  Just the opposite.  I'm usually reminding God twice or twenty times "Enough already, I've had plenty...."

And likewise, on the truly good days, I don't catch myself looking heaven's way and calling out laughingly, "Ok, God, you can stop with the goodness now- that's plenty!" I just want that goodness to keep coming and coming and never stop.

What I need to remember is that life gives us both kinds of days.  The days where the sun is shining, the world is our oyster (or, in my case, bag of M&M's) and the blessings don't seem to stop til we drop.  And in contrast, we get days that occasionally put us on stress overload and we're sure our reserves are gone.  Not to fear- a good day is coming once again.

All in all, life is good.  Love my good and plenty.

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