What's It All About?

  That's the question I ask myself about my blog.  I started it with one purpose, and it morphed into having other purposes, and sometimes I wonder where I'm going with it.  And maybe it's simply okay to have an eclectic blog; a place for serious writing, funny stuff, introspective musings and recipes all in one. If that's what you're looking for, you've come to the right place.

   Today is Dr. Seuss' birthday, and it's Read Across America this week at school.  I was waxing a bit nostalgic today remembering this time last year, when I got bitten by the "Can I write a picture book?" bug.  It revisited me again today, and fortunately lighted on me anew to juice up my excitement about polishing  some old manuscripts and maybe starting a new one or two and getting back into the submitting ring.  That was the original motivation for this blog - and it's nice to know the desire to work on writing a picture book is still there.

  I've learned a lot in this past year, and now see the picture books I work with daily at the library in a very different light.  I've come to know them as an art form in and of themselves; like ice skaters in the rink, what they are doing and how they got to that proficiency is much more difficult than it actually looks.  So, knowing much better the challenge facing me, it doesn't deter me but spurs me on to try to perfect this craft that I'm starting to call my own.  Loving everything about picture books inspires me to one day want my name in the author spot on one; and from what I've learned in the past year I now realize what a longshot that is.  Nonetheless, I will try.

  In the meantime, I come across some really great and maybe little-known titles on our elementary school's library shelves daily, and I've often thought of highlighting some of the picture books that capture my heart and funny bone.  So stop by now and again to see what's here- maybe a book review, maybe a message from the heart, or perhaps the newest way I make lasagna.  Let's have fun!

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