Home at Last

   I have three children.  Two live away at college; one is still in high school.  Last night, for just one night, my college students' spring break schedules overlapped and I had everyone home under one roof.  By 10 pm, the noise in the house was wonderful.  The kitchen was busy, the conversation was filled with items of catching up, and the hugs of reuniting were heart- melting.

    As it approached midnight and I realized I needed to get to bed due to an early morning, I went though my usual nightly "last check" routine, making sure everything was as it should be before I went to sleep.  I grabbed my cell phone to check it one last time.  It was then I remembered that I knew where all my kids were, that there was no need to keep a lifeline open in case someone had an accident or found themselves in trouble in the middle of the night.  Everyone was safely in my motherly presence, and with a smile and an air of finality I happily turned it off and placed it back in my purse.  I knew I'd sleep well.  Sweet dreams, everyone.  Sweet dreams.

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