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It's so timely for what I'm experiencing and working through that I wanted to share it with you.  Enjoy.

The tipping point for me happened years before I had ever heard the word branding or platform. I heard about this little newsletter called Proverbs 31. It was small time but I liked the content. I called the girl who was running it at the time and asked if she would let me write for it. That was in 1993.

Today that newsletter has grown into Proverbs 31 Ministries, reaching women all over the world through various facets: a radio ministry that reaches over 1100 outlets, a daily email devotion that goes out to nearly 350K subscribers, the newsletter is now a full color magazine with over 5000 subscribers, and we offer a writers and speakers conference that consistently sells out year after year with over 600 attendees. I have the honor of serving on the speaker team, writing devotions, teaching at She Speaks, and heading up the She Reads fiction division of the ministry.

What's my point? I didn't say yes when P31 had grown. I said yes when it was tiny and grew along with it. Don't discount those things that take time and don't say no to things just because they aren't "big enough." God will reward your patience and your heart to serve wherever He places you with no objective other than to reach that one person who needs to hear what you have to share.

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