The Holidays

Oy vey the holidays....even though it's only December 7th, I find myself scurrying in my brain with a huge list of things to do in preparation for the up and coming December 25th Christmas event. And why, I wonder?? Shopping is easier this year, we're going artificial with the tree, and we've not bothered to consume raw ingredients from Christmas cookie dough for the longest time.

So why the stress? It's tradition, I suppose. I remind myself, "it's still early, it's still early, it's still early" like a mantra so as not to send myself into a tailspin panic. My word, the Thanksgiving leftovers are barely cold but as soon as the month with the capital D hits we are immediately thrown into merry maniac mode.

I admit I'm getting sucked into the maelstrom that seems to derail me every year from enjoying the true reason for the season (excuse the overused rhyming cliche, but it works). As I go through my day making my list and checking things off at least twice, I do manage to feel more organized and on top of things if I get a few things done daily towards my ultimate goal that lands me at the manger on Christmas Day, presents unwrapped and turkey in the oven. Like starting for the umpteenth time on a diet, I vow, again this year, to not let all the hustle and bustle of the season get to me, but to slow down and enjoy the goings-on about me, seeing each day like another little paper door on an Advent calendar opening to show what surprise is waiting for me inside.

God created Christmas, but I'm not sure He bargained on the whole holiday rush thing we've got going on. See what you can do this year to make it less stressful and more Jesus-full. Drop a comment here and let us know what you're doing to slow down a bit so we can all learn from one another!


  1. I have no money this year. NONE. I am finding pictures from my sister's art and treasures of my own to give to the friends who are my family now. And because my back has slowed me down, I am telling myself the stories of every ornament as I put it on my tree and focusing on the love I feel for the person who gave it to me. I don't always do that. I am baking. And mostly I am just trying to remember that I DO believe that this is the season of love and light and to try to keep it that simple. Not having the means to shop is a blessing in some ways. I am hoping that we ALL start to slow down with all that and maybe learn from what has FORCED me to take my time, to CHOOSE to slow down in the future. I am not sure that is putting Jesus there... but it's about an ultimate gift of love, this holiday, so perhaps it is.

  2. Beautiful Jeannette- thanks for posting that.


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