Today found me decorating the house for Christmas- a job that starts out just fine, but ends up making a big mess before it gets better. Although it does get me to cleaning very thoroughly. Underneath all of the greenery and decor are very clean windowsills, room corners and baseboards.

My wonderful husband had the tree up and lit before I even got out of bed this morning. The rest of the day found me hauling out heavy strands of ornament-laden garland to hang in the windows, adorning my dining room table with every kind of snowman known to the season before I divided them up into their new living spaces, and tucking little springs of white berries wherever I could fit them in.

It was a fun day.


  1. you have a interesting blog
    great photos

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I have the two trees up, but nothing else. It's been harder, but I just wrote about Christmas when I was six and I'm suddenly better. Time to bake soon! The chaos in my home disappears on the twenty-third, like a miracle. God bless closets...


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