Sometimes when life is dark and I'm not sure when I'll see the sun again, at just the right moment the sky cracks open a bit; enough so that I can see there's still blue above the clouds and the sun is still shining just the same, no matter what I'm going through. 

And hope is born.

photo credit- Chris Coulton
Just like a weed growing in the pavement, hope only needs the tiniest of breaks in the tough times to wiggle up through.  I've always been amazed at what the smallest amount of hope can do; what life it can bring to a soul.  A little goes a long way.
That's because -
        hope says all is not lost.
                   Hope says things will turn around one day.
                                 Hope says I'm not forgotten; God has heard me.
And that sustains me, especially when the clouds close back up and the blue sky is gone.
I'll remember I've felt hope; I'll remember I've seen God.
And I'll remember that no matter what, the Son is still shining.

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