excuse me while I wait

It's a dry time.

It's a quiet time.

It's a waiting time.

I'm not sure what's happening, but God is definitely up to something. It's not like me to be without answers.  Without a plan.  Without being able to see way down the path and know what's coming.

But this time I don't.  And after fighting it (and Him) for a while, I realized I needed to stop trying to get out of the arid, lifeless, drab desert and learn from it instead. 

Because I'm in it for a reason.

God has me here to wander for a while in order to teach me something.

And I would be wise to sit at His feet and ask Him what it is.

Things are quiet in my life right now, and the waiting for change seems to go on forever.  Stories and words that longed to pour out my fingers onto this blog have quieted down and become still for a season.  But I'm learning to enjoy it.  To enjoy the break from all the things I did and depended on for happiness, contentedness and life.  To realize I can only, ever depend on Him.

As things get stripped away, only one thing remains.


And He, my friends, is enough.

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