I'm a writer, you're a writer....

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Jeff Goin's newest ebook, "You Are a Writer."  I was glad I had a free weekend to read it because to be honest, I couldn't put it down.  I'm one who likes to print out the pages of an ebook so that I can highlight and make notes and mark it up.  This was a smart move on my part, as I immediately recognized none other than myself described in the pages of his writing.  I couldn't stop highlighting, or nodding my head in agreement as I read, or murmuring a hushed "amen, brother" as I read page after page. Each time I was done a section, I headed back to the laptop to print out more, eager to keep reading this jewel of an ebook that had come my way. I couldn't get enough of it.  It was just the direction and advice I'd been looking for to be able to believe in my writing again.

Jeff has an innate ability to aptly describe what all of us writers go through at one point or another; that surge of excitement upon discovering this writing that we love to do, and then that slow slide down the other side of the hill called Slight Success that takes us to the bottom where we sit looking around and wondering where our thrill went.

And wondering if we'll ever write again.

"You Are a Writer" recognizes that we all get to a crossroads in our writing life where we are faced with the choice of either turning back or pushing ahead.  Jeff wisely gives us real tools and challenges to show us how to get up, brush the dust off our backside, and head out once again into the dream that we have always known was ours for the taking.  The writing life is waiting for us; we just need to claim it.

If you've ever written, if you've ever dreamed of writing, if you do write, or if you're simply looking for the permission to call yourself a writer, this ebook is for you.   It's a drink of water in a dry and thirsty land where we wonder if we really can make it doing this thing called writing that we love.

Jeff assures us that we can. 

And I, for one, believe him.

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