looking ahead

New day, new year.  Yesterday I turned 49; today I am fully launched into my 50th year of life.  What will this year between 49 and 50 look like?  Right now it's a bit like standing backstage and holding the curtain open to take a peek at action while waiting my turn to perform.  To me, turning 50 - and to many of us I think - is still a landmark event, even if 50 is the new 30, 40 or, heaven forbid, 65.

I made a few resolutions today.  I'd like to focus on myself (in a healthy, self-preserving way) this year so that when I get to my 50th birthday in 364 days, I can look back and say that I've invested in things and ways I want to be from that age on.

I want to....

   worry less, pray more.

   commit to less, relax more.

   enjoy and savor everyday moments more.

   soak up what's going on around me more.

   do less, enjoy free time more.

And one biggie for me .... instead of worrying about what I'm not actively accomplishing, look back and realize what I have done.

Who's with me?


  1. Good job... and great ideas. I am almost 56 and believe me... aging does happen and you have to be proactive in exercise (I used to be) eating and taking supplements.
    Sleep is important too.
    December birthdays are interesting. My own is the 28th.


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