bookstore concert

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to sing at Barnes and Noble.  While that might seem like an unlikely mix, it was by invitation that our theater group got asked to sing and provide some holiday music while all purchases made during that time gave a nice kickback to our theater.  Clearly a win-win for all.

But the best part of the whole afternoon was watching unsuspecting shoppers enter the store mid-concert, destined to buy books but immediately being sung to of the merriment of the holiday.  It was like an attack of festivity.  If there had been any bah humbugging going on, it all faded as soon as they set foot in the store.  Their faces said, "Am I on Candid Camera?" but their smiles assured us that they liked what they were hearing. 

It's sweetened my holiday season to look back today and remember their smirks and smiles and what-do-you-know kinds of looks.  I hope our singing sweetened theirs a little, too.

What's an unexpected shopping surprise you've had recently?

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