I've got nothing.

No words of wisdom, no spiritual parallels to draw, no wit to share.

Some times are just like that.

The winds and storms that have blown through my life have left me feeling dry, empty and numb in more than a few places. 

When times like that come and linger, I find it difficult to find anything to write about - except the hard times.  And I figure no one really likes to hear about my doom and gloom.

Recently I've stumbled upon posts and writings about abiding.  I'm definitely in an abiding time right now.  I heard a friend talk about a difficult time in her life, and she stated, " It was easy to run to the Lord when things were so bad...because there was simply nowhere else to go but to Him."  Amen.  Things can get so messy and so complicated and so bigger than I am, that the answer is stunningly clear - run to God.  He's the only one Who could know how to work this all out.

So I run to Him and grab tight.  And on those days when I get to the end of my rope, I make a knot and hold on some more.


There's a deep sense of quieting in my soul.  There's an uncanny sense of peace.  His character of care and love comes through.  He asks me to end my frenzy of trying to tie all the loose ends together and instead, give it to Him.


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