I knew I was in trouble when the assistant at the lingerie store who was helping me with my fitting said, "Well, you know, when you're paying like $40 for one of these, what can you expect?"  Forty dollars?  And she was using that as a cheap example?  I was accustomed to paying about $12.99 at Kmart, and that was when I was feeling wealthy. 

Since I was on the other side of the dressing room door, she couldn't see my jaw dropping.  Sounding nonchalant, I asked, "And how much do these from your store cost?" 

I was able to purchase two that day, but those are going to have to last me most of the rest of my life.

But I learned a valuable lesson - yes, from undergarments- about quality vs. quantity.  I could either invest in something that was going to hold up (and hold me up) longer, or go the other route and end up possibly spending more money in replacement costs over and over and over.

Life is like that.  We often dole out quantity without much quality involved.  Quality takes more from us- it costs us something, thereby becoming more of an investment in what we're doing.  Quality demands a slower pace; it requires time, thought, and effort. Quantity can be thrown out over and over and over and not necessarily get us anywhere.

So I would challenge you and me today- what are we already doing that  perhaps could use a little quality?  Is there a place, a person, a need that should be getting more of you; an investment?

Hold that up in prayer.

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