I'm waiting.  I really don't like it, but it seems to be a necessary evil right now.  There are things to wait for.

   A letter from our daughter's school stating whether she met her major's entrance requirements or not.

   Responses to queries I sent to agents for my picture book manuscript.

   Word from an editor of a large publishing house regarding the submission of a different manuscript co-authored with a friend.

   My son to get home from his cross-country drive from Illinois.

  I suppose my list could go on, but I don't it want to sound like I'm complaining.  I'm not.  I'm sure you have a wait list of your own.  To be sure, there is strength, patience, and refining of vision to be gained during this time of uncertainty.  And I realize that I could be waiting for more serious things. 

But when they're your waits, they're big.

What are you wanting to find out about today?

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  1. It seems as though I'm in a continual state of waiting on various submissions. It really stinks and I'm always disappointed when my email inbox in empty and there's no word yet.

    Oh well, hang in there!


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