sneak peek

You know how you sneak in the baby's room when you haven't seen him for a while and even though he's sleeping, you've just gotta see him? I did that to my firstborn early this morning before I left for church.

He's 22 years old.

Yesterday was his cross country drive from college in Illinois home to Pennsylvania for the summer.  He didn't get in until 2:30 this morning, so I only saw headlights come down the driveway and a heard a car door close before I knew I could relax and go to sleep.

But I hadn't actually seen him yet.

So this morning, on my way out to my car, I peeked in the window of the door leading into his room in the garage.  There he was, sound asleep.  It was really him; he was home and he was fine.  I stepped away with a satisfied smile.

Some mama habits never change.

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  1. AWESOME!! I'm so glad he made it home safely. I'm sure he is too!


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