On My Way

  Today, finally, I began the online class that I signed up for on May 12, 2009.  That is 3 days shy of a full 8 months of procrastination.

   And as with most things, now that I've begun and realized that the coursework isn't so bad, I think, "Why did I wait so long to start?"   It's nice to have taken a stab at the workload before my self-imposed start date of January 18th.  The sooner I start, the sooner I can finish and move on to another course.  The sooner I finish my alloted number of courses and have 180 Act 48 hours required to reactivate my teaching certificate, the sooner I can move on to other goals that require an active certification.

   Even better, doing this today provides me with a boost of self confidence, knowing that I actually sat down and did something constructive and concrete about something I'm aiming to work at in 2010.  It's a much better feeling to not disappoint myself- to follow God's lead and be constructive and productive and busy, and actually move forward.

  And now that that's done, we're off to the movies to see Leap Year.  See?  There's always time for a little entertainment in my day.......


  1. LOL...Procrastination Pic is Priceless
    Very very funny Beth !!!

  2. The procrastination picture had me literally laughing out loud for quite a few minutes, so I knew it was the right one for the blog post....glad you enjoyed!


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