A Great Day

  Today was just one of those days. It seemed to get better and better as it went along.  And there was nothing major happening, really; just the weaving together of small blessings and events and circumstances that made for an excellent ride on planet earth.

   There was no school today.  My daughter left for college yesterday, which meant just my boys would be home with me.  I was thankful for this chance to still have some of my children to tend to - even if they are both taller than I am.  They like me to brew them a pot of coffee, get their favorite foods at the store, and keep things humming along at home.  And I'm happy to do it.

   As I worked, my mind kept going back to my goals.  I had emailed Kristi (my accountability partner) my goals for the week, but a couple of them bugged me as being too vague, too immeasurable, and not broken down enough.  So as I went through my day, yearning for the chance to sit at my desk and hammer out these things knocking around in my brain, I had a chance to mull over what I was thinking about, and how best to flesh it out when I finally did get the chance to sit down with pen and paper.

   I knew I had to clean the bathroom.  I did not want to clean the bathroom.  But free time and a lack of any recollection of a previous cleaning forced me in there.  Knowing it was the last job I needed to tackle before I could do some goal prioritizing and planning sent me sailing through a usually arduous chore.  The sun was shining, the bathroom was now sparkling, and before I was through I had released over 15 stinkbugs from their cozy home behind the wooden sign hanging on my bathroom wall.  Shuddering as I vaccuumed them up, I hummed a little tune as I backed out of the now clean water closet and sat down to have a little me time.

   I was immediately overwhelmed.  The best laid plans of mice and men....where were all those organizational thoughts now that I needed them?  Seemed as if they'd flown out the bathroom window I'd just cleaned.  I tried not to panic and give up entirely, and slowly as I waded through this quickly sketched goal list and that one, I was able to make some semblance of importance and hierarchy out of the papers that lay before me.  As I was almost through, I realized I didn't like any of my organizational storage/filing systems.  After a glance at the clock I realized I had just enough time to run to Staples before heading out to dinner with friends.

 Eighteen dollars and nine cents later, I was a happily organized woman.  I now have a place for everything, and will spend the rest of the evening putting everything in its place.  I need to rework a couple of  my goals for this week, and I think after all I did today I met a goal I didn't even know I had.  My husband always says it's all about having the right tools for the job....and this proved to be true even in the job of organizing my life.  

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