balancing act

Today I was reading an excellent post by Emily Freeman on (in)courage.  She speaks about undoing - unwinding, unplugging, unscheduling, to let her spirit rest and breathe. Taking the time to actually have free time, and not let it get eaten up with an agenda. Imagine that.
She also lets the reader in on her newest method of relaxing during that free time - the art of crocheting. 
Well now, isn't that a small world.  It just so happens I have a foot in both the balancing-my-free-time and crocheting camps even as we speak. I'm not kidding.
I, too, have recently re-learned how to crochet and yes, if you're my family member and reading this, you now know we are having a yarn-based Christmas this year.
I come by it somewhat naturally.  My mother was a knitter and she made beautiful things- like an afghan that I still have today because her hands wove those stitches together.  Or a too-small-for-me red cable knit sweater that apparently I unraveled off her needles when I was 2 and she was 41 and on the phone.  A mounted wall phone....leaving me on my own with her creation and my curious toddler fingers. After the sweater was finally finished and worn by her for many years, she passed it on to me and even though it never did fit, I can't throw it out or give it away.  She and I made that one together.
But to me, two knitting needles and yarn resemble eating spaghetti with chopsticks, so I went the one-hook route and decided to crochet when I have a moment.
Which brings me to my current concern - what is the best use of my time when I actually do have a moment? or 5? or 3 hours? How much downtime is good and healthy without crossing the line to lazy? I'm at a point where I feel like I must be productive all evening at home after being productive all day at work and am having trouble finding when to stop. Or I go to the other extreme; when I get home, I don't "start" anything at all and head right to my pj's, comfort food and a favorite episode of some brainless show On Demand. And that sets the course for the whole evening...
I would like to figure out where to land in the "what do I do with my free time" game.  I definitely need to cut myself a break from churning out results 24/7, but also have to be intentional if I ever want to get a blog post written, a book drafted, the bills paid or dinner on the table for my husband and I once in a while.
What's your go-to plan when you find yourself with hours to spare?  How do you shift gears after a full work day, transitioning into evenings at home with demands or perhaps the lack of them?  Do you keep on producing, or are you able to balance productivity with relaxation? Do you crochet?  :)  
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  1. I do crochet! I like it because it is a creative pursuit, I can feel productive even when being "lazy," and it's one of those activities that doesn't require much thought once I get going. I've tried knitting recently, and I agree with you that it's a bit like eating spaghetti with chopsticks. I haven't given up quite yet, though.

    When I have hours to spare, after I've done my writing and cleaning and cooking for the day, I will usually choose to spend it doing something creative that is also relaxing. That could be sitting on the couch and crocheting or doodling in my sketchbook while hubby watches TV. Sometimes we'll all sit and watch a movie. And sometimes I'll go to bed early just so I can have an excuse to read.

    I agree that you need to cut yourself some slack. There's no sense in being "productive" all day all the time. Taking time to relax is good for your health!

    1. Thanks, Becky! Yes, I love crocheting for that exact reason - work and play all at once! Keep up the great writing work - I'm looking to see more children's books with your name on the cover as time goes on!


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