the resolution I didn't mean to make

It's the New Year and people's promises abound to change this, change that, stop doing A, B, and C and refuse to participate anymore in X, Y, and Z.

I've resolved to stop making resolutions, because I usually don't keep them and I end up letting myself down.  Again.  And who needs that?

So my overnight sensation of giving up caffeine and aspartame had nothing to do with making a New Year's resolution because I didn't even see it coming. It wasn't in my plan.  I didn't even know I wanted to give up those things.

But the other day found me fighting an internal infection, and part of the treatment was to drink water.  By the gallon.   And as I was drinking this water and not drinking my usual fare of Diet Coke and caffeinated iced tea with artifical sweetener, I had an epiphany on one of my numerous trips to the bathroom.

"I should be doing this - putting good things in my body - all the time.  Not just when I'm sick." 

I realized the backwards way I was doing things.  As soon as I had a little scare that something might not be right inside, I dove into healthy eating and drinking.  And my standard course of action is that when the problem goes away, I go right back to my semi-unhealthy habits and just keep plugging away until the next time some body part needs my attention.

It looks like that will change, on a liquid level anyway, in 2013 as for some reason the determination to do this thing has stuck.  Even through the headaches and the wanting to reach for a Diet Coke, I have noticed an unfounded resolve surface many times during the day that keeps telling me the way I was doing things just wasn't healthy and that this is the year to change.

So I'll go with it.  I have nothing to lose and maybe some health to gain.

Is this lucky '13?  Maybe.  Is this God watching out for me?  Of this I am certain.  He always has my best in mind.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and, apparently, one unexpected resolution.

And those are the ones that stick.

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