changing me

I get up early...just in time to see the dawn breaking. 

I watch the sky and clouds turn different colors as the sun threatens to push over the horizon.

One recent morning the clouds were nothing more than brown, sullen stripes across a still dark sky.  As I watched, the brown turned to a soft hue of pink that complemented the new-day blue all around it.

Same clouds, but this time reflecting light instead of darkness.

I thought of the things on my mind... the concerns that stretched like brown sullen stripes across the horizon of my next 24 hours.

They were reflecting the dark, and were just waiting for some light to shine on them.

The kind of light that comes from prayer.

So I talked to God and told Him what was troubling me....and felt the brown turn to pink, the tense turn to calm, and the fear trade places with trust.

Prayer changes me.


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